Hungarian Card: Hungarian cultural knowledge exam is not needed, the list of required professional qualifications are specifically enumerated.

In order to extend the Hungarian Card, it is not necessary to take a Hungarian cultural knowledge exam, but the application requires qualifications obtained in the field of IT, Computer Science, Engineering Science or Natural Science.

The implementing decree of the new immigration law has been announced. In the announced version - contrary to the draft version of the decree - the extension of the Hungarian Card does not require a Hungarian cultural knowledge exam.

The minister responsible for culture and innovation provides the following foreign professional qualifications in his announcement when applying for the Hungarian Card:

Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc): Business Informatics Engineer, Computer Science Engineer, Computer Scientist, Computer Science Operational Engineer.

Computer Science and Information Technology  (MSc): Computer Scientist for Autonomous, Systems Data Scientist, Business Informatics Engineer, Computer Science Engineer, Medical Biotechnologist Computer Scientist.

Engineering Science (BSc): Materials Engineer Biochemical Engineer, Safety and Security Technology Engineer, Energy Engineer, Architectural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Timber Industry Engineer, Physicist Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Professional Pilot, Industrial Design Engineer, Vehicle Engineer, Vehicle Operational Engineer, Cyber Security Engineer, Light Industry Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Transportation Engineer, Logistics Engineer, Mechatronical Engineer, Molecular Bionics Engineer, Earth Science Engineer, Engineering Manager, Aviation Infrastructure Engineer, Test Engineer, Fire Safety Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electrical Operations Engineer, Water Operation Engineer.

Engineering Science (MSc): Process Engineer for Raw Material Production, Materials Engineer, Autonomous Vehicle Control Engineer, Mining and Geotechnical Engineer, Biochemical Engineer, Safety and Security Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Energy Engineer, Architect Construction Engineer, Information Technology Engineer, Building Service and Process Engineer, Timber Industry Engineer, Land Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineer, Earth Sciences Engineer, Mechanical Modelling Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Pharmaceutical Engineer, Hydrogeological Engineer, Info-Bionics Engineer, Infrastructural Engineer, Industrial Design Engineer, Vehicle Engineer, Metallurgical Engineer, Light Industry Engineer, Design an Development Engineer for a Circular Economy, Environmental Engineer, Transportation Engineer, Construction Engineer, Logistics Engineer, Mechatronical Engineer, Polymer and Fibre Technology Engineer, Engineering Manager, Oil and Natural Gas Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Sports Engineer, Structural Engineer, Urban Systems Engineer, Space Engineer, Defence C3 Systems Manager, Chemical Engineer, Electrical Engineer.

Natural Science (BSc): Biologist, Biotechnologist, Physicist, Geographer, Earth Scientist, Chemist, Expert in Applied Environmental Studies, Mathematician.

Natural Science (MSc): Applied Mathematician, Materials Scientist, Biologist, Biotechnologist, Astronomer, Physicist, Earth Scientist, Geophysicist, Geographer Expert in Geoinformatics, Geologist, Hydrobiologist, Environmental, Scientist, Zoology Researcher, Mathematician, Chemist.

Other professional qualifications: music teacher, teacher of folk music and folk culture, or professional qualification of music.

Therefore, it is favorable that it is not necessary to pass the exam of Hungarian cultural knowledge in Hungarian language. However, the scope of the Hungarian Card is limited by the qualification requirements: it cannot be applied for with qualifications obtained in popular scientific fields such as economics, social sciences, humanities, medicine, or law. Third-country nationals qualified in the aforementioned professions may submit an application for an EU Blue Card if they meet the conditions for the EU Blue Card application.

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Mar 1 2024