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Working in Hungary

Due to the strong economic growth in the recent years, and the significant amount of foreign investments, the Hungarian economy has a strong demand for skilled workforces at all the fields and levels of the labour market. Anyone who wants to work, can definitely find a job in Hungary: the unemployment rate was between 3 - 4 percent in the last two years, thereby Hungary is amongst the top-performing countries in Europe. Automotive, electronics, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and medical technologies are the leading sectors, but the biggest multinational companies can be found in all the fields of the economy, who are heavily influencing the quality standards of the manufacturing industry and service sectors.

Although most of the working opportunities are in the capital, Budapest, foreign direct investments in the biggest rural cities in the recent years moderate the capital's economic dominance.

Hungary is a cheap country, its prices are relatively low, compared to other OECD countries. In terms of income inequality, it is amongst the best performing countries, like Germany, France or Sweden. Skilled and experienced workers are more than welcome in the country, the Hungarian labour market recognises valid work-experiences and qualifications irrespectively of the origin.


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