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Permanent Residence Card for an EEA National

General Description

On a general basis, an EEA National, who have been stayed in Hungary for at elast 5 years is entitled to apply for a Permanent Residence Card.

Validity period

The Permanent Residence Card is issued for an indefinite period of time.

Place of Application

The Permanent Residence Card shall be applied online, at the Enter Hungary platform operated by the Immigration Office (official name: National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing).

Government Fee

HUF 1 500.

Time period of decision-making

The Permanent Residence Card is posted to the registered Hungarian address after the decision has been made.


You have the right of free movement and stay. This right is not a resulted by the obtainment of the Permanent Residence Card, but the fact that you are an EEA National. Having the right of free movement and stay, you can perform studies (even in a state-funded program), being employed without working authorisation requirement and you can live with many further rights that the Hungarian citizens have.


  • Inform the Immigration Office if your Permanent Residence Card, Address Card, ID Card or Passport is stolen, lost or destroyed;
  • Report towards the Immigration Office if your Permanent Residence Card, Address Card, ID Card or Passport that was believed to be lost (and this fact was reported to the Immigration Office) was finally found;
  • Obtain a new Permanent Residence Card, Address Card, ID card or Passport if your previous one were stolen, lost, destroyed or became invalid.

  • If you leave the territory of Hungary with final intention, you can hand over your Permanent Residence Card and Address Card to the Immigration Office.

    Services & Pricing

    Permanent Residence Card

    Service Title:
    Permanent Residence Card application

    We offer in this service:
  • compile a list of all the documents required for the application,
  • review the application documents,
  • assist in preparing the application documents,
  • assist you in filing the application online.

  • Pricing:

    in case of more than one Individual, we provide discount from our standard price of EUR 1,100*.

    *The above-mentioned fees doe not include value added tax and reasonable additional costs, such as costs of posting or courier services (if any).

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