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Current Hungarian entry restrictions

Traveling during the Christmas holidays: plan with the current entry rules but changes are expected before Christmas

Based on the current rules, you meet with the same travel restrictions at the Hungarian borders since September:

Hungarian residents* are allowed to enter Hungary in passenger traffic,

international tourism is not allowed,

business travels are permitted for all nationalities,

non-Hungarian citizen or those, who has no Hungarian residency can enter Hungary for specific reasons, with a police clearance.

with a few exceptions, everyone entering Hungary are required to spend 10 days in quarantine (exceptions are the executive officers or other employees in case of travelling between affiliated companies, cross-border workers and general business travellers).

Hungarian residents are the following persons:

Hungarian citizens (and their family members),

EEA or Swiss nationals holding an EEA Registration Certificate,

EEA or Swiss nationals holding a Permanent Residence Card (and family their members),

Third-country nationals holding a D-type Schengen Visa that was issued by a Consulate of Hungary in order to collect the residence permit at the Immigration Office in Hungary,

Third-country nationals holding a valid Residence Permit,

Third-country nationals holding other valid immigration documents that was issued by the Hungarian immigration authorities to stay in Hungary for more than 90 days,

Third-country nationals holding any type of Permanent Residence Permits.

The Hungarian government announces some new pandemic-related measures on the 21st of December concerning the Christmas holidays.

Dec 11 2020