Temporary residence permits for Ecuadorian and Colombian nationals

Ecuadorian and Colombian citizens are added to the range of tourists who are eligible for temporary employment in Hungary

Ecuador and Colombia have also joined the group of states whose young citizens may be entitled to temporary employment in Hungary in the future. Both agreements with Ecuador and Colombia will provide favourable stays for 100 tourists each. The main purpose of the agreements is to promote tourism.

A temporary residence permit shall be granted to those Ecuadorian and Colombian citizens who fulfill the conditions set out in the international agreement on the program of working holiday of tourists with Ecuador and Colombia, and who can support this fulfillment with documents; who are not subject to deportation or an entry and stay ban, and whose entry and stay does not endanger the public safety, national security or public health interests of Hungary; furthermore, who are not under the scope of an SIS alert on an entry and stay ban. The maximum number of issued temporary residence permits cannot exceed the quota of 100-100 people each year.

The national law on the promulgation of the agreement between Hungary and the Republic of Colombia on the program of working holiday of tourists was not adopted by the Parliament by the time of the publication of this arcticle.

In addition to the aforementioned South American citizens, citizens of New Zealand, Korea, Australia, Japan, Argentina and Chile, as well as residents of Taiwan and Hong Kong can currently apply for a temporary residence permit.

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Authors: László Csaba Vig and Kenéz Bogdány


Law II of 2007.

Law LXVI of 2023.

1465/2023. (X. 26.) Government decree

Nov 16 2023