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Student Recruitment in Hungary

How we see the situation of higher education institutions?

In the last two decades, globalisation has largely contributed to the internationalisation of higher education institutions and an expansion of student mobility. For-profit education institutions increasingly rely on foreign students as a major source of operation, and non-profit education institutions also ease financial problems with foreign students’ tuition fees.

In this context, local education institutions find themselves in the midst of globalisation, in a highly competitive regional, even global market and have to elaborate an effective strategy to be attractive for international students and secure the source of their revenue. However, this strong competition is not only for tuition fees: recruiting talented students strengthen the academic reputation which also serves the economic interest of the institution.

The way we partner with you

According to the OECD (2016) the immigration policy of a country is one of the main underlying factors for students when choosing a country of study. Due to the nature of our work, we are able to reach out to possible foreign student candidates and cover their immigration (and potential working-authorisation) related needs. Upon the request of these foreign individuals, we are able to connect them with your Institution, thereby expanding the range of your applicants to choose the most talented candidates from a wider pool.

Furthermore, we help these student candidates through their entire immigration process, in order to enter and stay in Hungary legally and start their academic life with ease and without delay.

We offer in our Recruitment Service:
  • connect you with Candidates,
  • describe the immigration process for the admitted Candidates.

  • Pricing: